My Weight Loss Diary

Being a health professional I have helped numerous people achieve lose weight.  keeping a weight loss diary can be valuable when attempting to lose weight to get a good idea of calorie  intake in terms of both quality and quantity of food.   I have had many clients say to me “My diet is good but I just cannot lose any weight”.  This is where is usually recommend they see a dietitian or direct them to a calorie counting website or mobile app.  When they are honest with themselves and enter EVERYTHING they eat most are shocked!    Which is part of my purpose for advising them to use the app to start with!

As a kid, I was an active person playing as much sport as possible.  At home Mum always made healthy meals with lots of fruit and vegies.  I have never been overweight.  At the moment I weight about 80kg and have for at least the 10-15 years.  My BMI is 25.82, waist measurement is 89cm and I am a very active person.


Why I am writing about my weight loss diary?   One of the ladies I am working with at the moment is using a mobile app, MyFitnessPal  to count her calories.   So I thought why not use the app and go through the process with her.  Even thought I have recommended this apps to 100’s of people I have never used it myself.  It was suggested that I write about my experience from a health professionals perspective.  So here I am keeping a weight loss diary over the next 4 weeks.

My goal weight is 75kg.  The only thing I am going to change in the next 4 weeks is my diet.  I will still be exercising as normal.  Based on the information I entered into the app to lose 1kg per week my daily calorie intake goal is 1680 calories.  So lets see how we go!