My Weight Loss Diary Week 1

When starting my weight loss diary I though I should start off by eating as per normal.  I figured if I am going to make some changes then I should see where I am starting from!   But more importantly this will let me know where I need to make changes.  So my daily calorie goal set by MyFitnessPal is 1680.  By achieving this I should lose about 1kg per week.


Not so much a typical day as I had lunch with my parents today.  The usual lunch with them is fish, prawn cutlets and chips.  My fish is grilled but my chips and prawn cutlets are deep fried.   When I have a big lunch like this I make a conscious effort to have a smaller dinner.  So my dinner tonight was a ham and salad wrap.  For desert I enjoyed one of my favourite foods a mini double chocolate muffin.  After a busy weekend of exercising Monday is typically my rest day.  Today I had a light cycle at the gym and did some weights.  At the end of the day my calorie intake was 3236!  My lunch alone was 1697 calories, 17 above what I should have consumed for the whole day!  I do admit I did laugh after I saw this!  At this rate I am going to be 2kg heavier in 5 weeks time.

What did I learn today?   To achieve my goal I am going to have to give up my daily mini double chocolate muffin!   A wholemeal wrap had more calories than 2 slices of bread!


After yesterday’s massive blow out I know I need to make some changes to my diet.   Today I was in Brisbane so I dropped into my parents for dinner.  I still had my mini double chocolate muffin as I cannot bring myself to throw out the remaining muffins.   For desert I had some of my favourite home made apple crumble and washed it down with a Sars.   I made a point of not overeating dinner or desert in an effort to reduce my calorie intake.  However, my intake for the day was 2782.  Thank goodness for exercise which burned 833 calories bringing my net calories down to 1949.  This is still 269 calories over my goal!

What did I learn today?  Sarsaparilla has 46.5 grams of sugar in the 375ml bottle.  And I should not have a mini double chocolate muffin and apple crumble with custard on the same day.


My diet is very similar most days.  Starting with my weet bix, banana and fruit juice for breakfast.  As salad sandwich, muffin and chocolate protein shake for lunch.  Dinner can vary and tonight it was chicken curry with rice.  I managed to squeeze in a cycle which burned 1149 calories.   I still consumed 2030 calories but because of my exercise my net calories was 881.   I am finally under my goal however it took 100 minutes of cycling to achieve it!

What did I learn today?  An apple and pear equals one 45g mini double chocolate muffin in terms of total calories.   If I cut out my bread and muffin today I would of achieved my 1680 calorie goal.


I have two mini muffins left so I am just going to have to take this into account.  For lunch today I just had a tuna salad.  Like the one pictured above.  It’s basically the same as my sandwich minus the bread plus some extra lettuce and balsamic vinegar.   I had lunch at about midday and I actually still feel quiet full at 6pm as I write this.   My mini muffin has put me over the limit again as my total calories for today is 1866.  I’m getting close!  With my exercise which burnt 864 calories, my net intake is 1002 calories.

What did I learn today?  Having salad for lunch kept away my hunger until dinner time.  When I am thirsty I am better drinking water than juice.


It was a sad day today as the last of my mini muffins was consumed.  No more muffins until the end of the 4 weeks.  Feeling pretty happy about today!  Without my mini muffin I would of been right on my goal of 1680 calories today.   How did I achieve that?  Breakfast was the usual (559 calories).  Lunch was a ham and salad wrap with a protein shake, oh, and the muffin (667 calories).  Dinner was 1/2 chicken breast with pasta and a yoghurt (631 calories).  Carbo loading for tomorrow’s big ride.  My snacks today was a pear (96 calories).

What did I learn today?  I thought of would of been hungry all the time reducing my calories.  Thirty minutes of moderate walking only burns 129 calories, not even a mini muffin.


Saturday is my big cycle day!   I’ve burned off 2278 calories today.  I resisted the temptation to have a blow out because of the huge amount of calories I burnt!  Breakfast was the usual, lunch was a tuna salad and dinner was chicken breast and rice.  After my dinner I had felt like I’d over eaten for that meal!  In the future I’ll try half as much rice.  A total of 2612 consumed, including a can of coke, giving me a net intake of 334 calories for the day.

What did I learn today?     This is the day I should have my chocolate muffin as a treat.


Cycled again this morning and tried not to get too carried away with my intake.  My treat after my cycle was my chocolate milkshake.  It was delicious!  Pretty standard breakfast and lunch.  It’s Sunday night so that mean roast dinner!   Thought this may blow it out as I had potato and sweet potato.  But that large potato I had was only 69 calories.  I felt really good about my intake today despite it being 2091 which is still over my goal.  But when you burn off 2307 calories in 216 in the red!

What did I learn today?  You can eat a really big salad like the picture above for not many calories (224 calories).  Because of the volume of food and type of carbohydrates it fills me up until dinner.

Click here for my Nutrition Report Week 1.  Onto week 2  of my weight loss diary I go!