What is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist?

Accredited Exercise Physiologists are university-qualified allied health professionals They specialise in designing and delivering safe and effective clinical exercise interventions for people with chronic medical conditions, injuries or disabilities. This could include people at risk of developing or having existing, medical conditions and injuries. Exercise physiology interventions aim to prevent or manage acute, sub-acute or chronic disease or injury, and assist in restoring one’s optimal physical function, health or wellness. These interventions are exercise-based and include health and physical activity education, advice and support and lifestyle modification with a strong focus on achieving behavioural change.

Matthew Wratten

I am an Accredited Exercise Physiologist on Queensland’s Gold Coast.  Graduating in 1996 with an applied science degree in human movement studies majoring in exercise management.

In over 25 years as an Exercise Physiologist, I have been able to gain valuable experience across many areas within the field of exercise physiology.  This has included injury rehabilitation, chronic disease management, mental wellbeing, personal training, case management and delivering corporate health programs.

I provide services for Life Insurance companies, NDIS, Workcover QLD, Worksafe NSW, Worksafe Vic, Medicare Australia, DVA and Private Clients’.

I’ve always loved being involved and playing sport since a very young age.  Realising at an early age I didn’t want an office job, I got exposed to exercise physiology through a high school work experience program.  With the combination of sport/ exercise with helping people, I knew exercise physiology was where I wanted to work.

For my exercise I enjoy cycling, going to the gym, surfing, hiking, playing tennis.  With a young family, 2 kids under 5 years of age, running after them is enough to keep me fit. However, I still do enjoy getting out on my bike when I can and catching up with friends to play tennis, just requires more planning.

I have always had a philosophy of practising what I preach and never expecting anything of my clients I will not do myself. However, I enjoy living a healthy, active lifestyle but not without some indulgences as life could be boring without them! As I tell my clients it is all about balance!