What is an Exercise Physiologist?2016-12-12T11:09:32+10:00

What Is An Exercise Physiologist?

An exercise physiologist is an allied health professional.  They have completed an undergraduate degree in human movement studies or exercise science.  The areas studied in becoming an Exercise Physiologist may include but not limited to anatomy, physiology, cardiopulmonary function, nervous system function, biomechanics, exercise prescription, behavioural psychology.  You will find Exercise Physiologist’s working in public health care, private clinics, research and professional athletic coaching. (more…)

Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist, what is the difference?2016-12-12T11:09:32+10:00

Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist, what is the difference?

There are some similarities in Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy.  Exercise Physiology is a new and growing area of allied health whereas physiotherapy is a long established profession. At some point in our lives the majority of us have seen a physiotherapist for treatment, more than likely lower back pain. So how does and an Exercise Physiologist and Physiotherapist differ. First let’s look at the similarities of the two professions. (more…)

Exercise Physiologist vs Personal Trainer?2016-12-12T11:09:32+10:00

Exercise Physiologist vs Personal Trainer

Exercise Physiology is a new and growing allied health profession. I have often been asked what’s the difference between an Exercise Physiologist vs Personal Trainer. Well the short of it is an Exercise Physiologist can do everything a personal trainer can do and more! (more…)

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