Workcover and CTP


Workcover exercise physiology programs can be provided by Healthsmart.  With over 20 years’ experience working in injury management and providing services for WorkCover Qld and Workcover NSW.  Our services can be offered through a range of health clubs, pools and homes throughout the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales.

Over the last 20 years a wealth of experience and skills have been gained helping injured workers with physical and/ or mental health conditions return to work.  Early return to work forms a crucial role in the recovery of an injured worker.  This helps to reduce loss of function and decrease risk of long-term disability.  Our experience across a broad range of industries gives us the knowledge to

  • Identify functional and work capacity requirements of the injured worker;
  • Assist the injured worker regain confidence in their ability to safely participate in work and ADL’s and
  • Increase the injured workers physical capacity and achieve medical certificate upgrades.

Working with injured workers with a mental health component to their claim now makes a high percentage of our referrals.   Therefore, an ability to connect with a variety of injured workers has been developed.

A collaborative approach is used for each injured worker.  We ensure timely engagement with case managers, treating doctors, physiotherapist, psychologists and other treating parties to achieve the best outcome for the injured wor

Workcover Exercise Physiology Programs

Our programs can incorporate a focus on mental health and/or injury rehabilitation.   Our programs can be versatile and can be home or pool as well a health club based.  Our 20 years’ experience has allowed us to develop a network of health clubs and pools across the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales so your injured worker will never have to travel far.

Educating an injured worker is an ongoing part of each Workcover exercise physiology program.  The injure worker is educated for the long-term management of their mental and/ or physical health condition.  This consists of educating the injurer work in strategies and techniques to manage their mental and/ or physical health condition.  For physical health this could incorporate pain management and pacing strategies.  Mental health clients are educated about developing daily routines and strategies to overcome barriers to exercise or undertake activities of daily living.

Contact us to see how we can help your injured worker develop the work conditioning and skills for successful return to work.