Improving Willpower

By | January 11th, 2015|Diet, Exercise, Health, Mindset|

Willpower As another year starts, you like many, may have already made your new year’s resolutions for your health and well-being. Unlike last year, you are really determined and this year is going to be different! Unfortunately, your willpower is already being tested and you are not even close to achieving your goal. Why does [...]

Creating Small Wins

By | June 5th, 2014|Diet, Exercise, Health, Mindset|

Creating Small Wins How do you eat an elephant?  One small bit at a time.  Just like eating an elephant, tackling big health and wellness goals can be approached the same way by creating small wins.  When attempting to achieve any health and fitness goal most people want to get it down ASAP.  The unfortunate [...]

Physical Challenges

By | May 29th, 2014|Exercise, Health|

Physical Challenges I'd just been for an easy walk and had stopped at a bench next to the beach to have a stretch.  Down the beach was a boot camp, and the trainer had the participants pouring buckets of water over their heads.  I could not help but have a laugh to myself!  At first [...]

Self Talk and Health

By | May 1st, 2014|Health, Mindset, Weight Management|

Self Talk and Health "No matter what I do, I cannot lose weight." "I've tried every diet but nothing seems to work for me." "I don't have time to exercise." These are amongst many others phrases I hear over and over when talking to people about improving their health.  I do not hear many positive [...]

Hugs for Health

By | February 3rd, 2014|Fun Stuff|

Hugs Talking to a mate at an Australia Day BBQ we were discussing the usual guy stuff - cricket, footy and hugs!  Yes hugs!  The topic came up after observing a group of guys and girls and their like for hugging each other repeatedly.  Despite the fact they were drinking it reminded me of an [...]

Exercise for Weight Loss

By | November 4th, 2013|Exercise, Weight Management|

What's the best exercise for weight loss? We have looked at the diet for weight loss, now its time to look at exercise for weight loss.  The most common question I am asked is 'What's the best exercise for weight loss?'  The answer is simple - the one that you enjoy!  It's well documented that [...]

Weight Loss Maintenance

By | October 16th, 2013|Diet, Exercise, Weight Management|

Weight Loss Maintenance So it has now been 5 weeks since I have stopped strictly counting my calories.  Now I am in weight loss maintenance mode.  Like everybody else after losing weight I want to keep it off.  I learned a lot by counting my calories but, it is not something I want to have [...]

Week 4 – Weight Loss Results

By | September 9th, 2013|Diet, Weight Management|

Weight Loss Results Last night saw the end of my 4 week weight loss experiment.  So what's my weight loss results?  My weight this morning is 74.4kg.  A loss of 5.6kg!  My waist measurement is 83cm!  A decrease of 6cm!  My new BMI is 24.01 putting me into the 'healthy weight' range.  Even thought I [...]

Week 3 – Weight Loss and Balance

By | September 2nd, 2013|Diet, Exercise, Weight Management|

Weight Loss and Balance The theme I chose for this week is weight loss and balance.  Many people I see have these, sometimes crazy, extremely strict diets.  There is very little allowance for any type of 'junk' food.  So they avoid going out for dinner or attending parties/ functions for fear of blowing out the [...]

Week 2 – Self Control and Weight Loss

By | August 26th, 2013|Diet, Weight Management|

Week 2 - Self Control and Weight Loss If I wanted to give the past week a theme I would have to say self control and weight loss.  I would of thought that by reducing my calorie intake and maintaining my exercise I would have been hungrier.  You can see from the picture above the [...]