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Stretching, do I really have to?

Stretching, do I really have to? Stretching before, during and after exercise is something that has been drilled into sport and exercise participants over the years.  From experience, stretching usually creates the most grumbles from clients.  And I know most do not perform their stretching when [...]

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Hydrotherapy for Chronic Conditions

Hydrotherapy for Chronic Conditions Today hydrotherapy is used to treat and manage many chronic conditions and disease.  Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of medical treatment and involves the use of heated water to soothe pains and treat diseases.  The use of thermal baths can [...]

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Managing Chronic Pain and Exercise

Managing Chronic Pain and Exercise As an accredited exercise physiologist, I have helped a lot of people manage chronic pain with exercise over the last nearly 20 years.  These programs have ranged from improving their quality of life by allowing them to move more to returning to [...]

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